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PhotoBooth for Windows

Mac users have for a long time bragged and showed of their cool photobooth effects. But at the end of the day,its taking pictures with a basic webcam and using a software to enhance the pictures, so why cant Windows do the same?

Well now Windows (wait not only WIndows ) -actually any computer equipped with a webcam can get the awesome PhotoBooth effects in their Web Browser. Just head over to Cameroid or Seenly. Both sites are easy to use. the website automatically detects your webcam, you decide the effects and then click the SNAP button. Both sites have an option to either download the image or share it online. Cameroid has been around for a time while Seenly is fairly new. Overall an excellent replacement to PhotoBooth.

And if you’d like these effects and dont have a webcam, then head over to Target to get this GE EasyCam for only $ 19.99

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