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Hey Internet,
Do you want a free painting? So I have been taking art classes and painting a bunch of stuff. I don’t really want to hang my own art mostly because I never really like anything I sketch/paint. So send me a message/email if you want this painting and I can drop it off (providing you live in NYC).

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The Small Faces - The Autumn Stone

I recently ate lettuce (voluntarily on my own) for the first time and pretty sure this is how I reacted.

People meet people every day. They talk, they go out, they kiss, they fuck, they fall in love, they make families, and all because they managed to push past any initial introversion and awkwardness to make contact.
Jonathan Tropper, One Last Thing Before I Go

11 Tech and Science Programs Being Killed by the Government Shutdown 

Most importantly the Panda Cam is still down.

The Konstruktor - The World’s First Build-It-Yourself 35mm SLR Camera

I bought this recently. There is something very satisfying about using things you make yourself. Also despite the video, the actual build time is about an hour.

Design. Build. Repeat.

After not designing anything in a really long time, I have decided I am going to start designing things once again. Last week, I did a sketch drawing for the first time in over two or three years. I want to keep doing more art to keep my mind busy.

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